Her 9.51 GPA is the county's highest

She's got the highest grade point average in the county, but school is only part of her busy life. Sheon Baby managed to find time to stop by Good Day Tampa Bay on Wednesday to talk about her phenomenal GPA.

The King High School senior -- and, obviously, valedictorian -- is graduating with a 9.51 GPA. That's possible because the district weights honors, Advanced Placement, and college-level virtual classes, enabling students to get much higher than the old standard of 4.0.

Sheon took several of those classes and credits time management skills for helping her balance schoolwork with everything else she does, like studying Bollywood dance.

"I've been dancing since I was 6 years old," she explained. "I'm also very involved in the church community. I teach Sunday school and I'm a youth coordinator at church."

Sheon said she is headed to the University of South Florida next. She chose the local school over its in-state rivals out of a desire to stay close to home.

She's not sure what she wants to study yet, but says she has an interest in biology.

"Something in the health field, or education," she mused. "Maybe be a professor, do some research on the side."

In addition to time management, she acknowledged that hard work has been a key part of her success. Her advice to future would-be valedictorians -- maybe students pushing for a 10.0 GPA?

"Focus," she offered. "Everyone has a natural talent. Bring out that talent; focus on whatever you think you are called to."