Heartwarming moment two friends help tired little boy with cerebral palsy walk at water park

A little boy’s muscles began to tighten at the water park and that is when his friend’s quickly came to the rescue. 

Jeffrey Mackey, 6, was born with cerebral palsy and one of the obstacles he faces is tightening of the muscles. On one particular day at the water park, his legs began to stiffen, making it difficult to walk. But luckily Jeffrey has two great pals he can depend on. 

In a heartwarming viral video posted to Twitter by Mikaila Ryan, his older sister, two friends ran to little Jeffrey’s aid. As the little girl on his right helped guide him up a ramp, another little boy seen running to Jeffrey’s left side takes a hold of his other hand. And hand-in-hand the pint-sized Musketeers made their way to the water slide. 

In the caption of the video, Mikaila wrote:  

"One of the obstacles Jeffrey faces with cerebral palsy is that his muscles get tight making it hard for him to walk. Today at the water park he was having a hard time walking but, his friends pushed him to keep going and never left him behind."

Since being posted, the video has peaked over 7 million views! Thousands of people have left sweet and supportive comments addressed to Jeffrey. 

"It made me so happy that kids his age were able to see beyond a disability and just wanted to help their friend have fun." Mikaila told Fox 5, "Instead of running a head of him to go on the water slides they made sure he wasn’t left behind."

She went on to say that everyone who has met her little brother is extremely supportive of him, and he’s a special kid who has left a positive mark on so many peoples lives already.