Healthcare aide at Fairfax County elementary school terminated after admitting to stealing student's medicine

The investigation continues into an elementary school health care aide accused of stealing medication from students and replacing it with allergy medicine.               

Fairfax County police say there are no charges or arrests yet, but they expect some movement in the case in the near future.

The incident took place at a Fairfax County Public Schools elementary school.

FOX 5 spoke with a student’s father who says he received a phone call saying his daughter needed more medication; that was after he says he sent in enough medication for the remainder of the school year.

"The school health aide admitted to diverting the medication," said Brett Byrnes, the victim’s father. "Giving them Claritin instead."

Byrnes says all this happened around Memorial Day.

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He says the discovery explained why his daughter was struggling academically and behaving out of character during the week versus the weekend when she was receiving her proper medication.

The prescription pill scandal police say took place at Greenbrier East Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia.

Fairfax County Public Schools says the health care aide is not an FCPS employee, rather the individual is employed by the county health department.  

On Wednesday, FOX 5 learned that the aide has been terminated as of June 15. FOX 5 also learned that the aide admitted to stealing the medications.

Byrnes says his daughter is one of seven students who reportedly had medication stolen by the health care aide.

Fairfax County police are still investigating how the aide was able to steal the medicines.


One father told FOX 5 that he was told the FBI would take part in the investigation. FOX 5 reached out to the FBI who said they can neither confirm or deny their involvement in the investigation.