Hacker gains access to family’s home security system, spies on young girl 

The video is terrifying. A hacker gained access to a Ring home security system in Tennessee. He then used the hardware to speak to a little girl for more than five minutes.

He goes on to play creepy music through the speaker in the girl's room. The hacker goes on to tell her that he’s Santa Claus — even going as far as trying to make the girl say a racial slur.

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Experts say all of this could have been prevented.

Ibrahim Youssef owns K2 Security, a company that focuses on security systems. He says a home’s WiFi system is to blame.

“Hackers have certain tools that they use to scan the area for unsecured WiFi networks. And so once they find an unsecured network that maybe has a default password or a password that’s not secured they’re able to hack into that right away," said Youssef. 

He says the easiest way to fix this is to change your password.

“Make sure you’re WiFi password is very secure. Don’t just have an easily guessed password. Make sure you’re using best practices, a good combination of special characters, numbers, letters, capitals so on and so forth.”

Ring released a statement saying the incident could have been prevented with a stronger WiFi password. They are also encouraging users to use two-factor authentications when  setting up your WiFi.