Group behind 'Baby Trump' balloon not yet issued permit for July 4th DC demonstration, says NPS

The group of protesters seeking permission to fly the "Baby Trump" balloon on D.C.'s National Mall on the Fourth of July have not yet been issued a permit, officials say.

National Park Service spokesman Mike Litterst, says the application from anti-Trump group, Code Pink, has been approved – meaning that the demonstration will be allowed to take place. The permit, however, which spells out the time, the place, the manner and the conditions of that demonstration, has not yet been approved.

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"We don't know any of the details of the demonstration, what they will be allowed to do or where it will be allowed to take place," Litterst said Thursday. He said flying the "Baby Trump Blimp" is one of the details still being negotiated and talked about with the applicant. "As we and stand here today i can't tell you what that demonstration is going to look like," he said.

"When the National Park Service evaluates First Amendment demonstration applications we are never looking at the content presented during the demonstration. We're looking at public safety, we're looking at protection of park resources and all of those factors will help us make a decision on what is in the issued permit," Litterst told us.

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Litterst also added that restricted air space plays a major role in what is looked at especially for an event so close to the White House or the U.S. Capitol. "So anything that's lighter than air that's going to float isn't permitted. Cold air -- we'll look at the conditions and evaluate it with everything else that's going on in the city that day."