Government shutdown sends ripples throughout DMV economy

While the partial government shutdown affects the entire country, it's economic impact is particularly hard hitting throughout the DMV, according to the Greater Washington Board of Trade.

"There is kind of a ripple effect that's felt throughout the economy," said Communications Director Lindsey Longendyke. Her organization estimates the region loses about $400 million of economic activity every week the government is closed, based on numbers from the last extended shutdown in 2013.

"Think about your daily routine," Longendyke said. "You go to work, you might buy the sandwich from the deli on the corner. You know, a lot of those kind of locals businesses aren't getting that business right now because their kind of daily clientele aren't coming in."

Some tourists said they're having trouble finding places to spend their money too, especially with Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo closed.

"We didn't realize how much of like the tourism depends on like the stuff that are funded by the federal government," explained Andrew Kirk, who is visiting from California.

Longendyke said about 20 percent of the region's economy is dependent on federal funds, adding that the Greater Washington Board of Trade encourages congressional leaders and the White House to work together to find a way to reopen the government.