Girls hockey championship game allegedly cut short so boys team could take the ice

SIMSBURY, Conn. - Controversy is erupting after a high school girl's hockey game in Connecticut was allegedly cut short in order to let the boys team play.

Last Saturday's game was the state championship match-up between Simsbury and East Catholic/Glastonbury/South Windsor varsity.

Crowds say it was a fight until the end - heading all the way into double overtime.

But, that's when the game was cut short resulting in a tie. The game was allegedly stopped in order to let the boy's team play.

"It came over the loud speaker as we got to the bench. We were expecting third overtime but it ended up being told that we needed to get on the blue line we were just going to give awards out now," said Maggie Grigely, captain of the Simsbury team.

"That would never happen is a boys game. So after doing a bit of research, I found that the Fairfield County boy's championship game between Greenwich and Darien was going to be played immediately after the girl's game. I started to hear whispers from people who were I the arena that the game that the girl's game was being stopped because they wanted to get the boys game going," said David Eustis, former Simsbury assistant coach.

The girl's team says they have not been able to get firm confirmation the boy's game was indeed the reason their game was ended early without a clear winner.