Girl forced to take down treehouse

LEET TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A Pennsylvania teen is being forced to take down a tree house she built all on her own.

Fourteen-year-old Elise Truchan built the tree house as part of her eighth grade project at Quaker Valley Middle School and she thought about just everything.

The two-level structure features Harry Potter decorations, a TV, and a clear roof designed so Elise can watch the stars at night.

But, the party is coming to an end following this summer after neighbors complained about the tree-house being built in the front-yard which is prohibited by the town.

The family only discovered this after Elise completed the project back in February.

"It took like, a lot of planning to do, and to figure out what to go where and stuff. Kinda hard, but it's easier if you do it," Elise said. "I brought up a TV, and we put the TV over there, it was a flat screen so we could watch movies and stuff."

"First, I thought it was a joke, but then it wasn't and I got really sad," she said when she learned her tree house had to come down.

The Truchan's agreed to remove the tree-house by October first, as part of a deal they reached with township officials.