Georgia couple loses nearly 400 pounds

Wendell and Wendy Weaver have come a long way from the couple they used to be, the ones smiling for the camera, but struggling just to get through the day.

"I couldn't do anything," Wendell Weaver says. "I was almost 500 pounds." Wendy says she was miserable, and in pain.

"I could barely get out of bed, she says. "I hated myself. I hated life."

Both worked, but that was about it.

"It took all I could to just be," Wendy says. "I was just being. I wasn't living. I was just being."

Worried if he didn't do something, he would die, in May of 2015, Wendell went in search of help.

He found Scott Green at Dacula Fitness in Dacula, Georgia.

"I walked in there and said, 'Scott, I need help. I need help,'" Wendell Weaver remembers.

Green knew Weaver was up to the challenge of turning around his health, but his new client wasn't so sure.

"It's like walking in the dark, and you can't see," Green says. "Somebody has to hold your hand. And that's all I've done."

"Literally, I was starting at square one," says Wendell Weaver. "I couldn't even run. The first time he had me do jumping jacks, I thought I was going to die."

But this was about more than working out.

"Every day we sat down and had a 15-20 minute conversation about how I was feeling, what I was trying to overcome, what was my battle for that day," says Wendell Weaver."

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In the first 100 days, Weaver dropped 89 pounds, and by September of 2015, Wendy had joined him at the gym.

She, too, felt overwhelmed at first.

"But once I started, I couldn't stop," she says.

18 months later, Wendy Weaver has more energy than she's ever had in her life.

"I've got my life back again," she says.

But, for Wendell, it's been a rough few months.

He started a new job, and joined the nightshift, which made it harder to get to the gym.

His routine disrupted, Wendell regained about 30 of the 200 pounds he'd lost.

It was a reality check.

"I'm not on 'The Biggest Loser,'" he says. "I'm not on any famous TV show. I'm just living my life. I'm just a normal person. So, things happen."

"It's this thing called 'life,' his trainer Scott Green says. "And, I'm very proud of Wendell, because it's not always an easy thing to say, 'Hey, I took a step back.'"

Wendell Weaver is back on track, working out 3 times a week, eating healthy when he's not at the gym.

"I know how to get there, and I know what to do," he says.

Wendy has lost 216 pounds in about 15 months.

"She's amazing," her husband says. "She blows me away,"

"I'm proud of myself," Wendy Weaver says.

And, 2017 could be Wendell and Wendy Weavers' best year yet.

"I'm excited," says Wendy. "If I can motivate one person to get off the couch and get healthy, that's what it's for."

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