Georgetown University students giving appreciation, surprises for 'unsung heroes'

Some Georgetown University students are making dreams come true for people they barely even know. They are finding college campus employees and showing them appreciation in a unique way.

Unsung Heroes is a registered D.C. nonprofit group started by Georgetown University business student Febin Bellamy. Through the word of mouth and social media, the group is raising money for workers to help them achieve what they may have before felt was impossible.

Earlier this week, Frankie Capers received a big birthday surprise. She and her grandson Rhondell are heading to Disney World after the nonprofit organization stepped in after Bellamy heard about Capers' life story.

"I had been homeless and lost everything that I had," she said. "I didn't share anything. I just totally entrusted and depended on God."

Students credit her warm and caring demeanor at their local bagel shop for getting them through rough times.

"We found out that Frankie hasn't had a vacation in 12 to 13 years because she was caring for her parents and she hasn't been able to do so - she hasn't been able to go on a vacation for a while," said Bellamy. "So we heard about this story and we interviewed her and we shared her story on social media."

Bellamy started Unsung Heroes a year ago and has turned to the Georgetown University community to help raise money for other campus employees in their time of need.

"A lot of these workers include bus drivers, construction workers, facilities workers, janitors, etc.," he said. "All we do is interview them one-on-one and we share their stories on social media to really recognize them and to show the rest of the community that these are individuals who have amazing stories. They are no different from us. We all have things in common."

Unsung Heroes is getting set to expand to ten other college campuses around the country.