Generous donation aims to help robbed landscaping business owner stay afloat

Last week, we brought you the story of a small business owner in Prince George's County, Kevin Moore, of DLC DMV landscaping and Jireh's Place Nursery - and how burglars stole nearly $40,000 worth of his equipment. 

The insurance company, according to Moore, would only pay $18,000 of the $40,000 cost to replace the equipment - and needs to replace the equipment swiftly so that his five employees can get back to work. Moore posted a crowdfunding campaign to help get the business back afloat

A fellow small business, Wheeler's Ace Hardware in Capitol Heights, posted on Nextdoor that they wanted to give Moore some free equipment and an additional donation and sought for help getting in touch with him. 

Rod Wheeler, the owner of Wheeler's Ace Hardware, said to FOX 5 that he "…watched the story done by Shomari Stone, and was really moved by how this young guy was victimized with his small business." 

According to Wheeler, Moore called him on Friday and then came to the store, met with Wheeler and store manager Shawn Askew, to get some of the donated items to get back on his feet. 

Wheeler said that his business gave few items that were new, that had some minor defects and instead of marking them down for sale, he decided to just donate them to this guy to help him out in addition to a $500 check to help. "He was very appreciative."