Gays For Trump president says GOP sick of hearing 'screaming of the liberal left LGBT'

President Trump has spoken about protection for LGBTQ rights in the past but his current stance is uncertain.

Despite some controversy, one LGBTQ group of supporters is celebrating the new president and is trying to keep the momentum from his inauguration and campaign going strong.

Peter Boykin is the president of Gays For Trump, an LGBTQ group that organized one of the DeploraBalls in D.C. He says Trump has their full support.


"Trump has been in support of the LGBT for many, many, many years," Boykin said in a Skype interview. "He's got New York values and he is not the old school GOP that people hear about. He's trying to protect all Americans, including LGBT."

He said the group has been growing for some time and that he received more support than he expected at the DeploraBall.

Boykin says his group does not intend to try and divide the LGBTQ community into factions. However, he did say some of his supporters have been at risk of being shunned by the mainstream LGBTQ group.

"We're trying to stay positive. We're trying to represent the whole LGBT and our biggest thing is look - you can cry, you can scream in the streets all you want - but unless you get a place at the table, we're not going to be represented. So we have to be represented, so that's what our group is for."


Boykin says he feels exclusion from within the LGBTQ community for his group's support of Trump. "But we're going to try as hard as possible to get more and more people to come out of the closet for Donald Trump and the GOP. They're out there, believe me."


Boykin says he has meet Vice President Mike Pence and, Trump's pick for attorney general, Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions

"The administration as a whole embraced the LGBT. But it's our point to make sure that we are the more conservative type LGBT. They're tired of hearing the yelling and the screaming of the liberal left LGBT," he said.

"Mike Pence, in my book, is not an anti-LGBT person," Boykin said. "If you do research you'll find out he's not against the LGBT community." He claims that, in the past, Sessions has removed wording critical of the LGBTQ from bills that he had sponsored once the issues were brought to his attention. He also said that Pence has taken up LGBTQ causes in the past.

"Mike Pence has grown -- just like Hillary Clinton and Obama -- to love the LGBT, and believe me, our job as Gays For Trump is to make sure we bring more to the fold and we understand and we sit down and talk to people," he said.


Gays for Trump has set up a GoFundMe page to support their efforts to old a DeploraBall picnic before the Fourth of July on the National Mall in DC. Their fundraising goal is $50,000. Click here for details or to make a donation.