French bulldog saved by JetBlue crew members with oxygen mask

A French bulldog was rescued on a JetBlue flight by a quick-thinking airline crew -- and the owners could not be more pleased.

On Thursday night, 3-year-old French bulldog Darcy was on a flight from Florida to Massachusetts with owners Michelle and Steven Burt when she started showing signs of distress, ABC News reported.

According to the Burts, the dog's tongue began to turn blue and she started having difficulty breathing, which prompted the flight crew to quickly step in with an oxygen mask.

"We all are affected by cabin pressure and oxygen fluctuations, human, canine and feline, etc., but the fact that the Attendants were responsive and attentive to the situation may have saved Darcy's life," Michelle wrote on her Facebook page, ABC News reported.

Darcy was treated for hypoxia - a lack of oxygen in the body - by her owner who held the oxygen mask over the dog's face.