Fremont woman, nearly 90, still delivers Meals On Wheels

Mary Margaret Sims is about to turn 90 years old, but birthday celebrations can wait since she still delivers hot lunches for those who are too sick or frail to leave their homes.

For the past 30 years, Sims has been driving through the streets of Fremont delivering hot food as a Meals On Wheels volunteer.

"I meet people and make friends and sometimes we stay friends," said Sims.

And she shows no signs of slowing down.

It's impossible to not notice that almost all the people she helps are younger than her. Those lucky enough to make it into their 90s are usually the ones getting the help, not giving it.

"She always says 'Hi. How are you?' She is not delivering only. She is like a friend," said Stella Dressler after receiving a hot lunch from Sims.

Sims raised four children and worked for years as an office manager at a convalescent hospital, but she likes volunteering. She also puts in time helping out at an American Cancer Society thrift shop.

"Serving others gives us self-satisfaction. So that's how come I am still driving around delivering meals," said Sims.

"She's got a feisty attitude which we all have to have. She's giving, thoughtful," said Tammy Duran, who runs Fremont's Meals on Wheels program.

Time does not stand still. And apparently neither does Sims. She plans to keep bringing the goods for as long as she can.

We asked her if it helps keep her young.

"Sure," she said breaking into a laugh. "If this is young."