FOX 5 Zip Trip Takoma Park: 5 Must Stops!

This week's FOX 5 ZIP TRIP takes us to TAKOMA PARK! One of the first suburbs of Washington D.C. -- TAKOMA PARK embodies a rich variety of American history!

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There are so many fun things to do when visiting TAKOMA PARK it's hard to keep count! Here are THE 5 MUST STOPS that you just can't miss when taking your own ZIP TRIP!

LOST SOCK ROASTER: Stop by Lost Sock Roaster Café for your daily cup of joe! Their coffee goes to great lengths to source the highest quality coffees for you enjoy from various countries including Columbia and Peru!

SLIGO CREEK TRAIL: If you’re looking for a great location to take a walk, hike or go for a bike ride, Sligo Creek Trail is the place to be! With ten point two miles long and eight feet wide of great scenery – and picnic areas and playgrounds along the route -- Sligo Creeak Trail is Takoma Park’s best outdoor destination!

BUSBOYS and POETS: Inspired by American poet Langston Hughes -- Busboys and Poets is a cultural hub where racial and cultural connections are consciously uplifted. It is also a one-stop-shop for entertainment and good food! So whether you want to read a book, enjoy some music or a cocktail -- Busboys and Poets is the place to be!

TAKOMA PARK STREETERY: A great way to safely enjoy a meal from Takoma Park restaurants! Three tables at the downtown Takoma Park Streetery have been painted by artist Trap Bob with her original designs celebrating the power and resilience of black women!

TAKOMA PARK MAIN STREET SHOPPING: Takoma Park’s historic shopping district made up of locally owned, restaurants, galleries, music venues and much more! Takoma Park Main Street Shopping offers various activities for you and your loved ones!

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