FOX 5, Make-A-Wish gives 8-year-old fighting leukemia gift of a lifetime

Rachael Kinson is a fighter. The 8-year-old girl from Arlington is battling childhood leukemia and is undergoing a type of treatment that takes 3 years to complete.

Dad, Christopher, and mom, Ciarli, know that Rachael is tough. But they wish they could do more for her and struggle knowing that she is missing out on childhood experiences other kids her age get to enjoy.

One thing Rachael really loves to do is cook! Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic stepped in to give her and her family the experience of a lifetime by sending them to Italy to experience Italian cuisine first-hand. She will also receive cooking lessons from a top Italian Chef!

To make her trip even better - FOX 5's Caitlin Roth paid a surprise visit to Rachael just like the team of Knock Knock Live. She presented her and her family with a check for $1000 to use during their trip. So what does Rachael want to get with her spending money - CANDY!

A girl as sweet as Rachael should get all the candy she wants!

FOX 5 wishes Rachael and her parents a great trip and for a sweet, happy and healthy life.

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