FOX 5 chats with Maryland Gov. Hogan's ASL interpreter Jimmy Beldon

Jimmy Beldon is the sign language interpreter at Maryland Governor Larry Hogan‘s coronavirus news conferences. He’s become a familiar face to FOX 5 viewers in recent weeks.

Beldon, who is deaf, lives in Fredrick and was recognized by the governor on Wednesday on National ASL Day, or American Sign Language Day. 

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On Thursday, FOX 5's Bob Barnard had a chance to meet Jimmy Beldon, who is a certified ASL interpreter, and have an online chat with him. 

Joined by another interpreter, and Kelby Brick -- who heads Gov.  Hogan's Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing -- Barnard asked Beldon how he's holding up during the coronavirus crisis and how it feels to be a voice for the deaf or hard of hearing at such a critical time.

Beldon says it's his intention to stay healthy and by Hogan's side doing his vital job throughout this historic pandemic.

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Now, you may be wondering how Beldon is able to interpret for the governor if he himself is deaf.

Well, during the news conferences, a second interpreter is sitting in the front row hearing what the governor says. That person signs to Beldon who then shares the words with the wider deaf or hard of hearing audience across the state.