FOX 5 Cares: Young man with rare disease surprised by Chef Gordon Ramsay in DC

DMV native Ryan Alam’s family was devastated when they heard the news. He was suffering from a neurodegenerative disease called MPAN. There are fewer than 100 cases in the world. There is no cure.  Over time, patients lose the ability to walk and swallow while developing dementia and Parkinson’s.

Despite all that is stacked against them, Ryan, his parents Tuba and Faisal, and his sister Sonia are living life to the fullest. The family put together Ryan’s bucket list and have been working to cross items off while Ryan is still able to enjoy the adventures. 

The 19-year-old jumped out of a plane with the United States Army Golden Knights, and he has swam in shark infested waters.

But he had yet to accomplish the top item on his bucket list - meet Chef Gordon Ramsay. FOX 5 Cares helped Ryan cross that item off the list!

FOX 5 Cares arranged for Ryan and his family to be surprised by Chef Ramsay at his Hell’s Kitchen restaurant grand opening in Southwest D.C. on Saturday. Ryan and his family were told that they would meet Ramsay on a FaceTime call because his schedule would not allow for a face-to-face meeting.

However, Ramsay was hiding in the next room over during the call, leaving Ryan in shock when he appeared in-person!

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DMV native Ryan Alam, who suffers from a rare neurodegenerative disease called MPAN, wanted to meet Chef Gordon Ramsay as part of his bucket list. So FOX 5 Cares helped coordinate a surprise meeting between the two at Ramsay's new D.C. restaurant Hell's Kitchen.

"I've been watching Hell’s Kitchen ever since I was a little kid," Ryan told the FOX 5 cameras before the surprise. When the big moment finally came – Ryan smiled from ear to ear!

After a big hug, the famous chef sat down and the two spent some time together. "You are amazing – I wouldn’t miss this for the world," Ramsay told Ryan. "The real reason I’m here is because I have a chance to meet you."

Grab your tissues and take a look at the video above to see the heartwarming meeting and Ryan's reaction.

To donate to Ryan’s fundraiser click here. The money donated does not go to his own treatment, but rather to research aimed at helping others who are or will be fighting the same condition.

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