FOX 11 confronts man selling sick puppies for 3rd time

FOX 11 found that Gustavo Gonzalez had sold puppies infected with parvo to customers for several hundred dogs each.

Several of the dogs died, and Gonzalez promised FOX 11 on two separate occasions he would stop selling the dogs.

However, FOX 11 has learned that Gonzalez has now expanded his business, and is now selling French bulldog puppies that he keeps at a home in Hermosa beach.

Gonzalez charges up to $5,000 for the puppies.

A woman who asked us to not use her name out of embarrassment contacted FOX 11 after she saw one of Gonzalez's ads and purchased a Frenchie puppy from him at a Hermosa Beach park in October for $2,500.

"We had her for just a few hours, she started having diarrhea, overnight it got worse," the woman said. "And then early in the morning it became bloody, she stopped eating, she wouldn't drink or eat anything."

She said a vet suspected the puppy had parvo, so she called Gonzalez, and told him to come pick the dog up.

"I was flabbergasted, very upset at this point, knowing that he knowingly sold us a puppy that had been exposed to other sick puppies," she said.

The woman told FOX 11 she demanded Gonzalez come pick up the dog immediately.

"About fifteen minutes after he hung up, we got a call from my bank saying that he was there trying to cash our check," she said. "They asked if we wanted to allow it, and I said absolutely not!"
She said that after Gonzalez picked up the dog, she googled him, and found FOX 11's past stories about him.

"Oh my God, was he trying to do this to us?" she said.

After she contacted FOX 11, our undercover producers were back on the trail again.

Reporter Bill Melugin and a producer reached out to Gonzalez to play the part of interested buyers, and we set up a meet at a Hermosa Beach Park. Gonzalez arrived with an apparent new business partner.

Watch the above video to view the confrontation, and see what Gonzalez had to say for himself.

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