Former Wint attorney: "They should start looking for the guy that really did it"

Daron Wint, the man arrested in connection with a quadruple homicide involving members of the Savopoulos family, is getting support from his family and former lawyer.

Wint is charged with murder and is being held without bond, however, his former attorney - Robin Ficker - along with family members - believe that he is innocent.

Investigators believe more than one person was involved in the murders. Wint is the only person in custody so far. Authorities say he was linked to the crime scene through DNA discovered on the crust of a discarded pizza slice.

According to Wint's former lawyer, the family says that Wint doesn't like pizza and never eats it.

"They should start looking for the guy that really did it. The man that had the short, well-groomed hair that was driving the stolen Porsche," said Ficker when he spoke on FOX 5 Wednesday morning.

"They should start looking at people who have been convicted of torturing animals or torturing other people. Daron Wint is a gentle, kind, nice guy. Just like the rest of his family. I've met them. I know," Ficker said.

Ficker said that while he is not representing Wint at this time, he has met with the family. He said family members are cooperating with authorities.

"They believe that Daron Wint doesn't have this in his soul. He's not a violent person. He wouldn't hurt a fly. He's the kind of guy you could have your grandmother go to lunch with. He's a nice guy. He didn't do it," Ficker said.

"There were three communications from the murdered victim's home while they were supposedly being kidnapped. There was a message by the mother to the pizza shop where she gave her credit card and ordered a pizza. There was a message by the murdered man to his company asking for money and then there was another message to a housekeeper telling her not to come. Why didn't someone say, call the police or help during those messages if the people really were being held forcibly? Something should have happened there. They could have gotten the word out," he continued.

When asked about Wint's DNA evidence on the pizza crust, Ficker said DNA evidence can sometimes be discredited.

"I've had many cases where DNA evidence was thrown out. We don't know exactly where that piece of pizza was or how that DNA got on it, but Daron Wint did not commit any murders. We know that for sure. His family is certain of it."

"What son doesn't have an argument with their father? Anyone with -- with teenagers or young men, they have arguments with the kids," Ficker said when questioned about an alleged 2005 incident during which Wint's father said allegedly said Daron threatened him.

"Empty threats, there were no injuries in these other cases. I represented him in six cases myself. He was not found guilty in any of those six cases. He's not a violent person. And I think that the authorities, including the mayor who's holding press conferences, should try to find those who are violent and who did commit this act. I think they should look at the employees of the six companies owned by the victim. People who knew he was very wealthy, who had constant contact with him, not remote contact like Daron Wint had many years ago."

Ficker admitted Wint was at one time an employee of Savvas Savopoulos, the CEO of American Iron Works, however, he said Wint was working man who didn't hold grudges and didn't need to kill to get money.

"There's a presumption of innocence in this case, remember that."

Savopoulos, his wife, Amy, their 10-year-old son and their housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa, were all found dead inside of their upscale home on Woodland Drive on May 14.

Police say $40,000 in cash was delivered to the home and that the family's Porsche was stolen.

Wint has been arrested and faces charges.