Former 'Apprentice' contestant, Omarosa, talks 2016 race and Donald Trump

Reality television star and political commentator, Omarosa, sat down with Fox 5's Political Reporter, Ronica Cleary, to discuss the 2016 race, and to defend misconceptions about Donald Trump.

Omarosa rose to reality stardom during Donald Trump's first season of 'The Apprentice.' She has been an advocate and defender of Mr. Trump during his campaign.

"I've known Donald for 13 years and he's been the same for me for the last 13 years. He's been an incredible friend. And incredible mentor. And probably one of the most interesting people you'll ever meet. Ever." Omarosa went on to call any perception that Donald Trump has problems with women to be "laughable."

Omarosa encouraged those who care about issues like improving the economy, jobs, family and securing America's borders to vote for Mr. Trump.