Florida surfer recovering after second shark bite

A 19-year-old surfer from Volusia County says he was bitten by a shark for the second time over the weekend.

Bryan Brock says he was in waste deep water Saturday morning in Ponce Inlet and he never saw the shark coming.

"All of a sudden, like my foot started shaking and it literally felt like a bulldozer came in and was gnawing at it," he explained.

He says another surfer happened to be close by and helped get him to shore. The teenager was taken to the hospital for a big bite wound on his foot.

"It had to take about 50 stitches to make it all good," Brock said.

Shockingly, this is the second time Brock has been bitten by a shark. He says in the fall, he was surfing at New Smyrna Beach when one grabbed his knee.

"When I was getting back up on my board is when it happened, after the wave, and it pushed me off my board and it was trying to basically get its under jaw onto it," Brock recalled.

The teen has now survived two shark attacks in less than a year.

"I am very unlucky that I've been bit two times - it's insane. People are like, 'You should play the lottery,'" he said.

But Brock says bad luck won't stop him. He plans to get back to the beach when his foot heals up.

"I'm not really scared of sharks I mean, second bite and I'm used to it feels like. As weird as that sounds, it would be weird for me to stop surfing," Brock said.