Florida man admits to serving alligators for Super Bowl meal

A Florida man was arrested Sunday after admitting he caught and killed five small alligators and served them for Super Bowl dinner.

Richard Nixie cut off the gators' tails to prepare the meal, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The alligators were less than five feet in length, the Daytona News-Journal reports.

"No one should have possession of a Florida alligator unless they are a state nuisance-alligator trapper," Greg Workman, a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, told the paper.

Alligators are federally protected while their considered threatened. It is legal to hunt them, but only during harvest seasons and with a permit, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation website.

The 30-year-old was arrested three hours before the start of the big game at his home.

His prior arrest record included misdemeanor drug possession, felony weapon possession and armed burglary, the paper reports. He also served three years in prison for trafficking stolen property in Seminole County, Florida.

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