Fisherman survives lightning strike

A fisherman was struck by a bolt of lightning while fishing off the Ponce Inlet jetty, authorities say.

James Church was fishing a week ago this past Saturday when a bolt of lightning hit the weight on his fishing line in his first cast. The force of the bolt pushed his pole into his abdomen, down his arm and exploded through his hand. He still managed to get his phone out of this tackle box and call 911.

"The pole handle went right through here, put a hole right there," he explained. "Shredded my stomach all up, all of my stomach is gone. Then on the way out it melted my fingers. I screamed, 'I'm not going to die this way!' I screamed out loud, 'I'm not going to die this way!'"

Church says he is missing part of his colon and intestines, but he hopes to make a full recovery.