FIRST ON FOX: Shots fired at Metrobus, another bus hijacked on same SE DC street

Someone opened fire on a Metrobus with passengers on board Friday night. The bullets flew through the windshield and windows injuring a passenger.

The shooting happened on Elvans Road in Southeast D.C.

"My grandson was out here playing and he ran in the house and he said that they were out here shooting, and I came out and I looked and they had shot up the bus," a resident told FOX 5.

One of the passengers on board was grazed by the bullets. His injuries were not life-threatening. A statement from Metro said he was not the intended target

Metro's statement also said in part, "The MTPD investigation is ongoing, in cooperation with MPD, and includes a review of available DVR camera footage to identify suspects. There have been no arrests as yet."

What is even more concerning is there have been other dangerous situations involving Metrobuses in the same neighborhood in recent weeks. Police sources confirm in July that another bus was hijacked.

The hijackers forced the driver to take them to a location not on the bus route. Passengers were also on board that bus. Fortunately, the bus operator convinced the hijackers to let those passengers off and no one was hurt.

For now, Metro's solution has been to discontinue service along the Elvans Road route after 7 p.m. from now through August 30.

But some wonder if that is good enough and what will happen after August 30th? The concern for some is that the bus service on Elvans Road will be cut altogether.

"That's not a solution to deal with the issues that we have with violent crime," said Anthony Lorenzo Green, the chairman for Advisory Neighborhood Committee 8B. "You don't cut bus services that's going to affect hard working folks who do abide by the law."

Concerned Metrobus operators posted messages on Facebook outraged -- claiming they were not notified about the shooting. It is something they say puts them and passengers at risk.

Metro responded to those claims saying, "After the shooting, Metro Transit Police and Metrobus officials spoke to ATU Local 689 President Jackie Jeter and informed her of the incident and the planned security detour."