Financial skimming devices found inside gas pumps at Fairfax service station

Detectives are investigating after financial skimming devices were found inside of three gas pumps at a Fairfax service station.

The devices were found on pumps at the Briar Oaks Service Center on the 12300 block of Lee Jackson Memorial Highway. Managers at the station say inspectors noticed wires and hot glue inside of a pump during a weekly inspection. A review of the station's security video showed several suspects, who appeared to have a key to the pump, tampering with the device. Managers now perform daily inspections of the pumps.

Investigators say that this incident is the ninth case involving skimming devices at ATMs or gas stations in Fairfax County since June of this year. At this time, police are investigating to see if any of the cases are related.

FOX 5's Melanie Alnwick says checking for skimming devices before using your credit card is a preventative measure customers can take at the pump. Customers should always check to see if the credit card reader is loose or has visible pry marks. In the latest incident, electronic devices were inserted inside of the pumps making detection difficult. Alnwick says checking for pin-hole cameras and covering the keypad when entering your pin number is also recommended for safety.

To help protect yourself from credit card fraud, Fairfax County Police recommend regularly checking your financial statement for any unusual or fraudulent charges and using credit cards to make purchases versus debit cards, as it can be more difficult to have your bank funds reimbursed.

If you feel you've been victimized by Skimming/Scammers, report it to police online through the Financial Crimes Online Reporting (FiCOR) system here: