Final wishes of some pet owners include euthanizing animals so they can be buried together

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Some animal owners leave their pets money and property in their wills. Others set up a plan to ensure someone else takes care of them. But in Oklahoma some pet owners are taking it a step further and deciding they want their pets to die when they do.

Some veterinarian's in Tulsa say more and more people are asking for their dogs, cats, and even birds be euthanized and buried with them when they die.

Despite the request being against a veterinarian's code of ethics, there's not much doctors can do.

In Oklahoma, pets are considered property and owners have the right to do what they want with them.

Doctors say in some cases, especially in older animals, the decision is okay.

But that isn't stopping some animal lovers from protesting and calling the whole process inhumane.

"We have friends that would be willing to take her in , that would give her a calm loving home," animal advocate Alesha Brant said.

"Pets are property in Oklahoma so it's up to each owner and as long as the pet is euthanized humanely. I'd rather see the pet rehomed and live a full life, but if that's what the owner wants, that is their wish," said veterinarian Kristie Plunkett.

"I think it's completely selfish. it would be a kin to throwing your business away because you are passing," said Brant.

"They can either be put in their casket with them or if they are going to be cremated as well, their ashes can be buried together or scattered together," said Plunkett.

Veterinarians urge all animal owners to set up a plan in case the worst happens.

The most popular option has been setting money aside in a trust fund and leaving someone else you trust in charge of your beloved pet.