Fights break out in front of Party HQ in Bowie

Multiple fights broke out at the Bowie Town Center – outside Party HQ – on Wednesday night, Prince George's County Police say.

FOX 5 obtained the video that’s circling around social media. You can hear people screaming and yelling as the scuffle occurs. A woman can be seen restraining another woman from engaging in the fight. And it appears one person in the video is lying on the ground in the parking lot area near Party HQ. 

The venue's website describes Party HQ as an indoor activity center with entertainment like bowling and laser tag. 

A police source told FOX 5's Sierra Fox that a fraternity rented out the space for an event and as hundreds of people were leaving around midnight – a brawl broke out in the parking lot.

Security on the scene called Prince George’s County Police for backup, and then they requested more help from the Bowie Police Department. 

When officers arrived, pepper spray was deployed to disperse the crowd, but it wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular. According to police, the incident was cleared within 20 minutes and there were no arrests. 

At this time, police say there is no active, ongoing investigation. FOX 5 did reach out to Bowie Town Center to ask for further information and did not get a response.