FedEx investigates delayed package deliveries in northeast Atlanta

FedEx is investigating delayed package deliveries in northeast Atlanta.

An unidentified woman told FOX 5 she expected two packages to be delivered to her home on Boulevard Drive earlier this month by the company. Instead, she said the company reported a driver tried to deliver her items but had to return them to sender. However, the woman's surveillance cameras never showed an employee at her porch during the times FedEx reported the individual showed up.

To her surprise, the customer said her surveillance camera did capture someone, who was dressed casually, dropping off her missing packages Saturday after midnight before getting into a car. The customer said someone opened and rummaged through one of the boxes. Her items included thermostats, a cap and a Christmas ornament.

FedEx said it is investigating the case:

The woman added some of her neighbors are also dealing with missing or delayed packages.

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