FedEx Field screening site on hold while officials wait for COVID-19 test kits

The COVID-19 screening and test site that the National Guard set up at FedEx Field in Prince George’s County is not yet ready for patients because they don’t have “nearly enough tests” yet, according to the county health officer.

"I don't even know how many we have right now - it's so few it's less than it is very few it is very limited I don't want to say until I check but the goal is to have sustainable numbers so if you think about it if 40 percent of Prince George's County needs to be tested or 10 percent we have 900,000 people - that is 90,000 test. Now I am not saying that is how many we will get but we are leaving it up to the state to call the shot,” said Dr. Ernest Carter.

Carter said today that if he had all of the test kits that he needed, he would make a test run at the facility and open it up on Tuesday.
When all the test kits they need will be on-site is not clear.
So far, 53 Prince George’s County residents have tested positive for the virus.

Carter says the prototype test site at FedEx Field is a model that could be replicated throughout the state - a screening and testing facility that will mainly be for residents who do not have a doctor.
Carter says the screening portion is critical because not everyone will need a test.

In addition, once the site is up and running, if someone has a note from their doctor, they’ll be able to get fastracked through for testing.