Father held without bond after stabbing his 2 young kids

A Prince George's county man accused of stabbing his two young sons, before turning the knife on himself was ordered held without bond Monday.

The children survived, but are still in the hospital.

Officers were called to 25-year-old Christian Dillard's home at around 10 p.m. Saturday for the report of the stabbings. His two children, both under five-years-old, were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Dillards mother, Michelle Mattison, says she has been trying to get help for her son for about two weeks now. She says he has been going through a break up, has been using drugs and wasn't himself when he used a knife on her grandsons Saturday night.

She was in tears telling that story to the judge Monday.

Mattison says she was at home when she heard one of her grandsons cry out for help from the basement of the home on Dennis court. When she went to investigate the crying, she found her son with a knife in his hands attempting to harm himself.

The boys, two and three years old were wounded and suffering from multiple stab wounds all over their upper bodies, arms and hands.

Mattison says she and another one of her sons disarmed Dillard before getting help to the house.

She told the judge and later reporters that her son had been using pcp and was not himself Saturday night. "I'm just glad that I was there that night, me and my younger son were there that night to get my grandchildren and get them to the neighbor's house because if I wasn't there I think my grandkids would have perished because it was a terrible sight to see the stab wounds and my youngest grand just cryin," Mattison explained. She says when she talked to her son on Sunday and he told her he had no memory of what happened or what he allegedly did to his sons.

"What we know about domestic violence is absolutely right, it knows no age it knows no race, it knows no socio economic status and so it is affecting every corner of our community," said Angela Alsobrooks, Prince George's county state's attorney. "It is not happening way over there it is actually happening right here in your offices, in your churches it is just everywhere and it has to be taken very seriously and it has to be eradicated."

Dillard has been ordered held without bond.

He has also been charged with sexually assaulting a woman who lives in the family's home earlier in the day. Dillard and that victim had apparently had a prior romantic relationship and, after the assault, he fled before officers arrived. Detectives investigated throughout the day and eventually detained Dillard following the stabbing.