Fastest growing 3D company sets up North American headquarters in Pflugerville

One of the fastest growing 3D technology companies in the country has set up their new North American headquarters right here in Central Texas.

The company is called EOS and they specialize in making 3D printing machines. With the technology you can replicate pretty much anything.

The company has more than 850 employees worldwide, 30 here in Central Texas, and with their new location in Pflugerville they expect to double that number within a couple years. Ankit Saharan is the Senior Applications Developer. "We chose Pflugerville based on its proximity to Austin and all the high tech centers," he said.

EOS is one of the global market leaders in industrial 3D printing technology, their machines can make pretty much anything out of very fine plastic or metal powder. First designed in a computer, and then printed with lasers in the 3D machines. They make objects like, medical and dental implants, aerospace parts, tools, and even jewelry. Adam Penna works for the EOS on the North American team, "It's a new way at looking at manufacturing. We're able to actually take a part and layer by layer grow what's happening inside that part. You can imagine the type of quality you can get and the precision, you can get on each layer to make something happen," he said.

They are really helping with advancements in the medical field. "That's a skull implant, and it's basically made of titanium. This part is made in a way you cannot traditionally manufacture in any other way. This is the only technology that can make it this way," Saharan said.

The technology mimics the actual composition of human body parts, and they can customize implants specifically to each person. "Actually when the body or the muscle and the tissue actually see this, they don't see this as a foreign object they're able to attach it more quickly," Saharan said.

Don't forget the fun stuff, they make 3D products replicating Hollywood favorites, and if you have that favorite dress you want to last forever, "We also get into fashion, if you'd like us to print out a dress for that for you, we could do that also," Penna said.

One of their machines cost anywhere from $200,000 to $1.5 million.