Fast food workers refuse to serve police officer

An Alabama police officer says workers at a fast food restaurant refused to serve him when he went through the drive-thru in his police cruiser. It happened at a Krystal restaurant in Irondale.

The police chief says the officer waited in at the drive-thru window for ten minutes. When no one helped him, the officer went inside to order. But the police chief says the workers who were inside walked away.

Irondale police Chief Kevin Atkinson says he is concerned that the officer was denied service because of his uniform. "The bottom line is, without the partnership of the community, we can't do our job. You know they need us and we need them," Chief Atkinson said.

Krystal's corporate office has apologized for the situation. In a statement, the company said "We take this allegation very seriously. Our policy is to serve all guests promptly and with a smile. In this case, we clearly did not meet the officer's expectations and we want to correct it."