Family searches for missing father in DeKalb County

It's been 11 days and a local family still has not seen or heard from their father from DeKalb County.

Volunteers searched for Martin Mitchell, 59, in Stone Mountain Saturday. Mitchell's family told FOX 5 News they didn't know if he left on his own, but the fact that he didn't take his wallet or car with him has them fearing the worst.

About 20 people canvassed the missing father's neighborhood. They handed out flyers, walked the streets and searched in the woods. His sister, Joy Wolfe, coordinated the effort.

"We don't know if he went somewhere willingly or if he got jumped and attacked," she said. "We don't know if he is depressed. So, we have three different scenarios on our hands...and not knowing is the hardest."

Mitchell's brother, Brian Mitchell, said the missing father has no history of alcohol or drug abuse. He also said he has no mental disabilities.

"He is normally a stable person, but he was depressed because of his job situation. I just can't see him wandering off and leaving his 15-year-old son all by himself or alone for the rest of his life," Brian Mitchell told FOX 5 News.

If you have any information about Mitchell's whereabouts, please call police.