Family of shocked and critically injured child suing MGM National Harbor

The family of a girl who was shocked and critically injured when she touched a lighted hand railing at the MGM National Harbor has filed a lawsuit against the company.

FOX 5's Evan Lambert obtained an early draft of the lawsuit on Sunday.

Six-year-old Zynae Green is being treated in an "acute medical care facility" after spending weeks in the hospital.

According to the lawsuit, the child was with her parents and two siblings when she shocked and went into cardiac arrest during the incident.

The lawsuit names both MGM National Harbor and MGM National Grand as defendants.

"When you go to a hotel and when you're invited to a place like that, you don't expect to be electrocuted - as a matter of fact you expect to be safe," said Benedict Morelli, the Green family's attorney. "The family expected to be safe and that has been destroyed because Zynae will never be the same, and the family is no longer the same family."

According to the lawsuit, Zynae Green wasn't the only person injured when she touched the rail. The lawsuit also says at least two other family members - Carlos Green, Jr. and Monya Rosier - each suffered serious injuries.

"Security video shows that this problem with the handrails being electrified and causing problems for other people was going on for at least 48 hours before this happened to this family," said Morelli.

Carlos Green Jr., who is 5 years old, and Monya Rosier, who is 16 years old, were both hospitalized for days as a result of their injuries, but have been discharged, according to the lawsuit.

Additionally, the lawsuit states that the children's mother, Rydricka Rosier, was standing next to her three children when they touched the handrail and was electrocuted her self when she attempted to pull them off the handrail.

The family is claiming negligence, and suing for an unspecified amount of money.

"The Green family could only be helped now by being able to take care of their baby for the rest of her life and I wish that MGM steps up to the plate," Morelli said.

MGM has issued a statement in response to the lawsuit.

"The incident at National Harbor was a tragic accident and we are all heartbroken that Zynae Green and her family continue to suffer. We are committed to continue working with the family's representative to reach a resolution. In the meantime, we will respond to this lawsuit in the appropriate venue, which is in court."

"MGM Resorts hires licensed, reputable construction and inspection companies to perform work that meets or exceeds state and local building codes. The findings of faulty wiring contained in a report released by the county shows that the high standards that MGM Resorts expects of those contractors were not upheld, which is very disturbing and disappointing. We do not compromise safety when constructing our facilities."

Rosendin Electric, an electrical contractor hired by MGM, said in a statement:

"Given that the investigations of this incident are ongoing, it is too early in the process to reach any conclusions. As one of the electrical subcontractors on the MGM project, our thoughts continue to be with Zynae Green and her family and we pray for her full recovery. As we have since this incident occurred, we will continue to cooperate with the investigations."

Read the lawsuit (App users: Click here):

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