Family of man dragged to death at Dunn Loring Metro station wants answers

The family of the man dragged to death at the Dunn Loring Metro station Wednesday wants answers. 

They've requested to see the surveillance video of the incident that left 50-year-old Harold Riley III dead on the train tracks. 

It’s not clear if Metro has granted that request.

A Metro Transit Police report says a witness saw Riley strike a platform guard rail after he was dragged still tethered to a dog leash when he got off the train. He suffered serious injuries to his head.


Riley's daughter Amanda sent FOX 5 photos of the victim's dog Daisy wearing a pink service vest. She says Daisy was her father's heart and soul. He enjoyed taking her for walks on nice days and Mr. Riley needed Daisy for emotional support. 

She couldn't recall the training company Daisy was sent to, but she was adamant that she is classified as a service dog. 

Both of Riley's daughters told FOX 5 their father would tie his dog's leash to his belt loop. A Metro rider FOX 5 spoke to Thursday said she often saw the two. 

"When they showed his picture last night, I was like, ‘That’s the guy!’ But I just wonder, we were just talking about it, myself and my coworker, and I’m like, ‘how do you not see that straight line there?’ said Donna Bridge Mahon. "You know, when you look through the window – you should see where the rubber mat is … like, is that part clear? And I think the doors just close a little bit too quickly, and once it’s closed, it’s kind of sealed."

Metro offered its condolences and said in a statement Wednesday that the train’s operator did perform two safe door checks.

But Metro also noted that the incident happened approximately 450 feet away from the operator cab. The transit agency has not yet answered what other safety protocols were in place or what may need to change.