Family of Good Samaritan struck and killed on I-485 speaks out

Family members and close friends are remembering the Good Samaritan who was struck and killed by a driver along I-485 when he pulled over to help a stranded motorist.

Highway patrol said this happened Sunday around 4 a.m. right near the Rocky River Road exit.

Alastair Tegui-in was hit by a vehicle right after he stopped to help a 17-year-old girl with a flat tire. According to authorities, he was wearing dark clothing and was in an unlit stretch of roadway.

His family said they're not surprised by his final act of kindness. His sister Elysia Tegui-in Walker is still processing what happened.

"People are still asking if this is real. 'Is this a joke? Are you sure it's him?' So I don't think it's hit me yet," she said.

She said her brother always went out of his way to help others - and his closest friend Lizzi Papp agrees.

"He always thought of others before himself. He was on his way home and stopped to help someone," Papp said emotionally.

Troopers said Tegui-in was walking over when another driver hit and killed him. We also found out the 26-year-old just left working a nightshift at Label Charlotte where he was a VIP Host.

Now, the community is pouring in with support for the family.

"It's nice to know my brother has touched so many lives," Walker said.

Tegui-in's parents are making funeral arrangements. They're planning to have the funeral in Pinehurst where they're from.

Troopers said it doesn't look like the driver will face charges at this time. The driver of that vehicle did submit for drug and alcohol testing. Results are pending, though troopers said it doesn't appear alcohol was a factor.