'Family feud' leads to dumped Christmas gifts along highway

UPDATE: Andrea Reid said she has made contact with the family, and said the gifts ended up on the side of the highway due to a "family feud." However, the family is still interested in getting the presents back for the young boy, Branson.


A St. Petersburg woman is hoping she can find the owners of Christmas gifts found along a highway.

On Christmas Eve, Andrea Reid said she was driving from St. Petersburg to Cape Coral when she spotted a trash bag of gifts on the side of Interstate 75 around 7 a.m. She said she was sad to discover there were toys meant for a little boy.

The gift tags said they were meant for someone named "Branson." She shared a photo, not of the actual gift, and stated the following on her Facebook page:

We would love to get them to the kid they belong to!! If you can say who the gifts are from and what they are since the wrapping paper came off of some of them from sliding on the road they are yours!! Please share!!! Picture for attention not actual gift!!

Andrea said the best way to contact her is through her Facebook page.