Family dispute leads to shooting in Centreville

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What started as a family dispute turned into a shooting at a residential neighborhood in Centreville Monday afternoon.

From his living room nearly two blocks away, Leomar Silva heard two gunshots coming from a sublevel apartment nearby Cool Oak Lane and St. Germain Drive.

The victim, a man in his early 20s, ran outside with his body bleeding from the gunshot wounds before he collapsed on the ground.

"He just said my brother shot me," said Silva.

The victim's hat and belongings were left behind on the sidewalk as paramedics rushed him to a waiting ambulance.

"The police stood up behind the trees, everybody pointing with a gun," Silva described.

They were tense moments as Fairfax County police pointed their weapons waiting for the alleged shooter to make his way out.

Negotiators called the home and he made his way to the parking lot. Video shot by a neighbor showed the suspect raising his hands in the air.

"The shooter didn't show any resistance and he got arrested," said Silva.

Police have not said what the dispute was about.

There were children in the home who were able to run out unharmed. A neighbor sheltered them as police arrived.

Investigators believe the victim will recover.