Fairfax County student says hijab ripped off head by teacher

A teacher has been placed on leave and a full investigation has been launched after a Fairfax County student says her hijab was removed from her head by the teacher.

The student at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke took to social media, tweeting on Wednesday, "so my hijab was ripped off my head today. By a teacher I appreciated and valued. I was in a middle of a conversation with my friend and HE came from behind me and pulled it off. Then he says 'Oh your hair is so pretty' and tries to play it off like it's a joke. When clearly he should know better because HE'S a grown (expletive) man and shouldn't even be touching students. I felt so infuriated, upset, and mostly shocked because he did this to me."

Chelsea Clinton responded to the student, tweeting, "I am so sorry this happened."

Another student tweeted that the incident was an accident, saying, "you were sitting with your sweatshirt on with your hijab under, the teacher came and JOKINGLY took your hood off, not knowing your hijab would come off with it. After you stormed off he felt so bad and kept asking where you were."

Some have said even if the incident was an accident, teachers should not be putting their hands on students.

In a statement released in part to parents, Lake Braddock Secondary School Principal David Thomas said, "LBSS and FCPS take the rights and responsibilities of students seriously, and expect a high level of professionalism from our staff at all times. In this case, a teacher's actions were inappropriate and the school has apologized to the student and the student's family. Please know that a full investigation is being conducted."

FOX 5 attempted to reach out to the student and to the student who witnessed it and we have not yet heard back.

A spokesperson from the Council on American Islamic Relations says his organization has also tried to reach out to the victim, but so far hasn't been able to make contact.