Fairfax County residents, get ready to see a new kind of crosswalk.

It’s no secret — pedestrian-involved crashes can be a deadly problem incident.

There have been approximately 122 pedestrian crashes and 14 fatalities in Fairfax county from January to October of 2018.

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The county says it will dedicate millions of dollars to help reduce the numbers.

The latest safety measure that will be implemented in the county are rectangular rapid flashing beacons or “RRFB’s”

The new signage will feature the standard yellow pedestrian crossing sign with arrows pointed toward the road. It will also feature flashing yellow lights that when activated will tell drivers and bicyclists and cyclists to yield before crossing.

The blinking lights can be automated or activated through a button on the pole.

Nine of these new RRFB’s will be installed at busy intersections throughout the county.

Fairfax County received a more than $1.2 million grant from the Virginia Department of Transportation for the new signage.

Officials say the grant also includes other safety measures such as refuge islands and signalized crosswalks.