Fairfax County drug dealer sentenced over fake prescription pills

A Fairfax man will spend over four years in prison for selling thousands of fake prescription pills laced with methamphetamine.

Tyler Pham, 39, was sentenced on Tuesday to 52 months in federal prison.

According to investigators, he sold tens of thousands of pills on the dark web using the name "addy4cheap," claiming the pills were prescription Adderall. He mailed them across the country, according to charging documents.

Fake prescription pills have proved deadly, especially those laced with fentanyl.

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The investigation into Pham began over two and a half years ago. Neighbors in the Greenbriar section of Fairfax County said they remember federal agents raiding Pham’s home in December 2019.

"There were many men with FBI jackets and vehicles. The street was blocked off," said Tom Kriksciun, one of Pham's previous neighbors.

He and other community members said the feds showed up overnight and stayed through the next morning.

"The FBI was taking out box after box, after box," said Kriksciun.


According to court documents, Pham had six co-conspirators who also lived in Fairfax County. All of them pleaded guilty.

"This type of drug distribution by means of the dark web presents a real danger to our communities, delivering dangerous and highly addictive doses of illicit substances," said Jessica Aber, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Neighbors said they’ve seen Pham as recently as this week. A woman at the home where he lives told FOX 5 she had no comment.