Fairfax County bans kite fighting in parks

Fairfax County officially banned kite fighting in its parks on Friday, citing reports of harm to wildlife, vegetation, maintenance equipment and public safety concerns. 

What is kite fighting? 

Kite fighting is most popular in Asian countries and involves using stronger string materials to take down an opponent's kite. The strings are typically coated with glass fibers or are made of piano wire, fishing line or metal filament to attack the opposing kite.

Once the line is cut, the loser's kite will fly away, leaving behind trails of sharp string. 

The string has been found tangled in trees, low-lying bushes, on trails and in water. The undisposed kite debris will leave "a potentially near-invisible hazard for animals and people."

Why is Fairfax County banning kite fighting? 

The Fairfax County Authority's wildlife managers fear the string will potentially harm birds and other wildlife that could get caught in the string. Kite string has gotten caught in maintenance equipment including mowers, which has raised park maintenance expenses.

The game is notoriously dangerous and those who refuse to stop kite fighting may be banned from Fairfax County Parks, according to their website.