Fairfax could rename Lee Highway, other roads due to Confederate ties

Fairfax wants to change the name of Lee Highway, Old Lee Highway and more roads in the city to continue a reconsideration of confederate names.

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The city says they have undergone a year-long process of listening and learning, and now they're ready for action, following the lead of many neighboring communities who are navigating how to put Confederate history in context.

In 2019, the name Jefferson Davis Highway came down from portions of Route 1 in Arlington and Alexandria, continuing a reconsideration of Confederate names and monuments in Northern Virginia.

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Now, Fairfax wants to change the name of 14 streets, including Mosby Road, Plantation Parkway, Confederate Lane, Raider Lane, Reb Street and more. It will be up for a vote in July.

Fairfax County Supervisor Rodney Lusk of the Lee District has also announced plans to introduce a bill to change the district name to Franconia.

"I’ve learned that for many of our neighbors that the name Lee District … invokes images of the old gravel pits, or footsteps along Huntley Meadows, or pride in the history of the Laurel Grove school," says Lusk. "However, for others, the name Lee stands for the most recognizable figure of the confederacy – General Robert E Lee."


The council will vote Tuesday on whether to redesign the city seal that currently features Confederate soldier John Marr.