Fairfax Co. police concerned ATM skimming device may have claimed multiple victims at credit union

Police are concerned that a skimming device placed on an ATM machine at a Navy Federal Credit Union in Fairfax County may have claimed multiple victims.

The device was attached to the ATM for several days, despite a warning that the premises are under constant video surveillance.

A skimming device steals bank information from unsuspecting customers.

FOX 5 spoke off camera with a Navy Federal member who was using the ATM on Thursday afternoon - he said he didn't receive any alert of notice about the breach.

The credit union's security team alerted police to the device.

"They believe that the device was put on the ATM machine this past weekend, October 13th. We have established a timeline. We're asking anybody that may have used that branch to come forward if they believe that suspicious activity is on their account," said Fairfax County Police Department 2nd Lt. Jonathan Bryant.

Police say to look for plastic, chips, or any add-ons to a machine when swiping a card at the ATM.

They believe the device found at the Navy Federal Credit Union was installed between Saturday and Monday.

Police hope to have an update on the investigation early next week.