Failing grades on the rise for Montgomery County students

New data suggests students in Montgomery County Public Schools are earning failing grades during remote learning.

The data also shows English and math grades have decreased since remote learning started.

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The data also highlights discrepancies between students of different socioeconomic backgrounds. According to statistics, African Americans and Hispanic FARM students are failing classes about seven times more during remote learning than last year.

The board points to engagement numbers as a possible indicator for the slip in grades. The board surveyed 681 students. Out of that group, 247 students were not engaging in remote learning at all.

School board members suggested adding more flexibility to due dates and deadlines in order to fix the numbers. They also suggested implementing a 50 percent rule. It means a student would receive a 50 for a grade instead of a 0 if no work was submitted. They would then get a chance to make up assignments.