EXCLUSIVE: 'You want to kill me?' Man describes encounter with DC police officer arrested on assault charge

A security guard tells FOX 5 he thought he was going to die, describing an incident outside a Prince George’s County nightclub, that landed an off-duty D.C. Police Officer in jail with assault charges. Investigators said the off-duty officer used his police Glock in that altercation. 

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"You want to kill me? It’s an attempted murder. You say you want to murder me?" is what Mohamed Sesay said he shouted toward off-duty D.C. Police Officer, Dennis Sfoglia. 

It was around 2:30 in the morning on May 6 when Prince George’s County Police responded to Spectrum Lounge in Beltsville, Maryland for a fight.

Mohamed Sesay told FOX 5 he works for a Baltimore-based company, hired by Spectrum to work security. That morning, Sesay claimed Sfoglia placed him in a choke hold and threatened his life.

"He grabbed me and the girlfriend was also on my hand. And he took, grabbed me, scold me like this [showing his hand around his neck] and took the gun and point it right into my stomach," said Sesay, who then described the off-duty officer as saying, "I will kill you, shoot you. I will shoot you in the stomach, what do you have to say?" 

"I said, leave me, I cannot breathe," the security guard told FOX 5. 

The security guard said he started recording once that choke hold was released.

In the video you see someone who appears to be off-duty D.C. Police Officer Dennis Sfoglia wearing an MPD badge around his neck. The off-duty officer has a handgun out with the firearm at his side and pointed toward the ground. His index finger can be seen sitting along-side the barrel, not on the gun’s trigger.

It’s difficult to make-out what is being said to Sesay, but in the video you can clearly hear the security guard shout, "You’re holding a gun, I’m recording you!" 

Sesay told FOX 5 he was not armed. 

Court documents say the whole incident started after the off-duty officer’s girlfriend got into an argument with at least one other woman over a missing passport. Sesay said the girlfriend had used a passport as identification to get into the club. 

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At one point, the girlfriend reportedly became irate. Court documents said she began to cause damage inside the lounge. The security guard then removed her, claiming he picked her-up from underneath her arms. 

Sfoglia told Prince George’s County Police he went to break up that altercation, and in court documents, admitted to taking out his firearm and pointing it toward the ground. 

Multiple witnesses told police that’s when Sfoglia approached Sesay, grabbed his neck and pointed his gun toward the security guard. 

Court documents also noted the Glock was found with 15 bullets in the magazine and one bullet in the chamber.

DC Police confirmed for FOX 5 on Friday, Sfoglia was placed on no-contact status. Almost a week later, D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee told FOX 5 he recommended indefinite suspension. 

"He has a right to appeal that decision but that’s the recommendation that’s been put forward – indefinite suspension," said Contee. "Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated it was brought to our attention. It’ll be addressed," said the Chief when asked what his message to the community is. 

FOX 5 was unable to reach Sfoglia.

In response to FOX 5’s request, the D.C. Police Union President wrote, "Just like every defendant, this member is innocent until proven guilty. He has asserted that these charges are false and that once the facts are heard, he will be wholly exonerated. He is currently represented by an attorney and any further questions should be directed to his counsel."

Sfoglia was previously recognized by the department for helping to save a man while off-duty as a recruit. He also previously faced trouble for posting racially-insensitive content online

The off-duty officer is due back in court in June, facing charges of First and Second Degree Assault along with the Use of a Firearm in a Violent Crime. 


It was not made immediately clear in Maryland court information who the attorney representing Sfoglia is.