Exclusive: video of airport attack on police officer inside crowded terminal

FOX 5 News exclusively obtained surveillance video from the terminal at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport showing a fight between an officer and a passenger.

The comings and goings of passengers during the holiday crunch one late December evening was interrupted by an ambush.

The video showed a large man run at and take down an officer. For a few seconds he is on top of the man, pummeling him in the face. There were no other officers nearby to respond, but several men do come over, the video shows, they wrestle with the attacker who at the same time goes for the officer's holster.

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Alie Brewster, one of those who came to the officer's aid, explained why he ran to danger instead of away from it as so many others are shown in the video.

Brewster noted he comes from a family of law enforcement. "Right is right," he said.

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