EXCLUSIVE: Allegations of sex abuse involving Sterling church

A Loudoun County church is under investigation following allegations of years of sexual abuse.

Two accusers spoke exclusively with FOX 5 in hopes that others will come forward and abandon a church they say operates as a cult, brainwashes and has sexually abused minors.

26-year-old Chassidi Thompson says for more than a year she was sexually abused by her uncle, a man who also happens to be a deacon at Calvary Temple in Sterling.

"I thought that everything that I was experiencing was in my head. There was no proof of anything, there was no evidence. I would lay there at night: this is just a dream-this is just a dream, this is not happening to me," said Thompson.

Thompson was only 12 when she says the abuse started. She says at 14 years old she was dumped with only the clothes on her back at a gas station, shunned and ostracized by the church.

Roughly a decade ago, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office opened a case and later closed it. No arrests were made.

On Thursday, that same sheriff's office has reopened the investigation of alleged sex abuse at the church saying: "We understand the concerns of the public, and we want to ensure everyone that we take all allegations of abuse seriously and these crimes will be investigated to their fullest extent."

Andrew Lawrence left Calvary Temple last spring after questioning its pastor, Star Scott Sr. He likens the church to the People's Temple and cult leader Jim Jones.

"I see a lot of parallels with the Jim Jones situation. Haven't seen them be violent. I've never seen that, but I've seen a lot of the teachings that lend itself towards that, and if enough pressure gets on them. I don't know what will happen," said Lawrence.

Lawrence's wife has since left him and contact with his children is limited.

"There was an email that was sent out by the son of the pastor essentially saying that he abused his two nieces, one 9 and one 11. But we were told at the time do not open that email, that email is evil and most of us deleted it," said Lawrence.

That's when he says he confronted the pastor about the email and the allegations. The following is the transcript of an alleged recording of that conversation. The audio recording has not been verified by FOX 5.

Andrew Lawrence:

"I remember you saying it was adultery. It happened one time and that it was dealt with a long time ago. The things I've heard is that it wasn't one time..."

Star Scott Sr.:

"What you heard, you know, is true. The fact is, not only was it dealt with by leadership; we dealt with it for weeks and weeks and weeks in every aspect of scripture even to the question of asking whether or not I should step down or whether uh, well we dealt with every aspect of it."

Pastor Star Scott Sr. has not been charged with a crime. We repeatedly reached out to Calvary Temple and the pastor, but have received no comment on the allegations.