Watch: Thousands of 'exceptional' bronze coins found off coast of Sardinia

A diver made a unique underwater discovery which traces back centuries.

During an exploration, there were roughly 50,000 bronze coins found dating back to the 4th century AD off the coast of Sardinia in Italy. 

The Ministero della Cultura (Italian ministry of culture) shared on its website that the diver spotted the "metallic remains" that the agency shared were in good condition. 

After inspecting the coins, the ministry determined they were produced between 324 AD and 340 AD across the Roman Empire.

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Thousands of bronze coins were found off the coast of Sardinia in Italy. (Credit: Ministero della Cultura via Storyful)

According to the ministry, further restoration and conservation of the coins is ongoing. 

The Ministero della Cultura shared a video of the exploration with the social news platform Storyful.

This latest finding of the coins comes after a similar one occurred in 2013 in Seaton, England, where a metal detectorist located over 22,000 Roman coins, believed to have been created from 260 AD to 340 AD.

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.